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Join Me As I Take You On the Journey of Songwriting

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If You Can’t Be Honest With Yourself, Your Audience Can’t Sense, Read or Hear Honesty in Anything You Present

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Foundational Quality Of Your Song Matters

The Nuts & Bolts of Songwriting

Songwriting is one of my passions and is found somewhere in my everyday life either sitting down with my guitar or running lines or melodies in my head while doing other activities.  The process I use of discovery, building and finalizing a song is what I want to share with you.  Why? because the elements of your building materials matter.

Join me as I take you on the journey of how to write a song from beginning to end.


Lyrics: Series 1 - Foundational Quality & the Pursuit of Honesty / Building the Elements of Our "Working" Song / Digging Into Your Life Experiences / Your First Template

Songwriting: Text

Artist D'Elle

A story teller, artist & songwriter that pours her heart and soul into her music.  A collaborator and teacher that merges real life and art.

Join her on the journey!

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