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Artist D'Elle ~ Featured at StudioPros

Artist D'Elle

Featured Artist at StudioPros

 Listen to the song that made it happen.

Featured Artist / StudioPros: Welcome

Truth Be Told

Producer:  Kati O'Toole

When Artist D’Elle contacted me about producing a roots-blues Americana track “Truth Be Told”, I was so excited. As a folk artist myself, the picture she had painted about her song and vision really resonated with me. We had talks about finding a way to produce the music that took you back to a Mississippi front porch. Picture sitting on the front porch picking on an old beat up acoustic guitar as musicians join in.

The first goal, find the right musicians and instrumentation within the StudioPros team to bring the song to life. When it comes to telling a story, the vocalist is always the first choice I lean towards. I chose Alice from the StudioPros team of vocalists, since she has the southern roots that I thought would connect to the song. Alice’s gritty soulful vocal exceeded our expectations in producing “Truth Be Told.”

Starting with an acoustic guitar foundation to build off of and then adding drum programming that channeled the more organic sounds while still locking down a groove (chains, foot stomps, clapping), an upright bass, and the raw melodies of the dobro – we produced a final recording that I’m so proud of.


Whats Next For Me?

I always believed that the music I write was only on pause after my accident.  And although time has passed, it feels so good to get back into the saddle again.  Except this time, I’m entering refreshed and aware that I’ve had the opportunity of life experiences that others haven’t and I’m dedicated to sharing those experiences in songs.  And that includes producing them with Studiopros so the audience will have the first full compilation of songs to choose from.  And then, keeping myself open to all possibilities and altitudes of song flight.  Yay!

Artist D'Elle

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