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Artist D'Elle ~ Truth Be Told
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Acoustic Guitar

Song Featured at StudioPros

It was one of those melodies that drops into your spirit.  I was intrigued with the simplistic chord structure and intertwining it with a complex story as old as time about something lost and yet something gained.  The “theme fit” was not only about betrayal but how the one who was betrayed rises above the heartache and overtime rides off into the sunset into a new happy, successful life.  I wanted to build upon the concept of rising up from the ashes with my personal spiritual beliefs, and that is if you choose to love and forgive those that hurt you, you will be traveling on a higher road where with God all good things are possible.

Oral Traditions & the Imprint of Music

At an early age I was drawn into the world of oral traditions where I would sit on the front porch listening to elderly family members talk about generations before them and how important their beliefs and traditions are.  This is where I found the art and importance of storytelling through song because it leaves an imprint upon the listener just like oral traditions do. 

Instruments I Write With

The majority of my songs are written on the guitar and initially gravitated to the piano for composing instrumentals.  Currently, it’s basically the same where most songs are written on the guitar but now I find songs written on the piano includes vocals the majority of the time.

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I hope you enjoy Truth Be Told as much as I did writing it. 

I felt like my spirit was going to burst outside my body as I danced around the room to that tasty down home bluesy-ness that guitarist had captured.   If you’re a writer you know what I’m talking about.  It’s hearing for the first time what you’ve heard and lived with in your head for so long.  And now, I'm so glad I get to share it with you!

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Stay In the Know

about the recording process on new songs slated to complete the first album "The Imprint of Storytelling," as well as staying connected about the songwriting process and lessons available to you.  Let's Make Music!




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